Keep the Conversation Going

Here are the highlights from our latest Diversity Forum. The forum will soon be uploaded on the diversity forum site. See it here along with past forums and keep the conversation going.


Graduate Student Collaborative in Virtual Worlds

Introducing GSC to another group in Kitley


President Salie Davis and Vice President Wales Brown recently introduced the GSC to another group in the virtual world. Empire State college has many graduate students who are active in learning about emerging technologies for solutions in business and education. Current Students and past alumni are active resources and the virtual world is full of collaborative and support opportunities. You can network with fellow scholars in The Island for GSC members and friends is called SUNY ESC GSC found in Kitely virtual worlds.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the SUNY Empire State College Graduate Student Collaborative is to encourage the convergence of graduate students from across SUNY Empire State College and varied disciplines so they may engage and support each other in their academic, social, and professional developments.

The GSC will be a platform from which fellow students will network, create, and engage in various academic endeavors, professional developments, and social interactions. Some ways we will do this will be by hosting mixers at the residencies where students and meet, network and share critical issues/questions with faculty and staff. We also plan to engage the online students via webinars where they too can have a way to voice their issues, concerns, ask questions about capstone projects, etc. We hope to enrich our members through the promotion of diverse disciplines and perspectives. NOTE: Students should be in good academic standing if they would like to be a formal officer in this organization.