Our Purpose:

The purpose of the SUNY Empire State College Graduate Student Collaborative is to encourage the convergence of graduate students from across SUNY Empire State College and varied disciplines so they may engage and support each other in their academic, social, and professional developments.

For more information, please click on the link below.

GSCFlyer 5.0

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to promote and sustain a variety of educational and cultural experiences that will encourage graduate students to broaden their knowledge, generate communal interaction, and develop a collective of scholarship amongst our diverse student body.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to bring positive energy to a diverse population of students who are willing to share their various ideas and experiences while creating an atmosphere of cohesion. We would like to provide opportunities for social interaction and academic dialogue amongst our members. We will help bridge the gap among graduate students who often feel isolated from peers while pursuing their collegiate goals in a non-traditional environment.

The GSC will be a platform from which fellow students will network, create, and engage in various academic endeavors, professional developments, and social interactions. Some ways we will do this will be by hosting mixers at the residencies where students and meet, network and share critical issues/questions with faculty and staff. We also plan to engage the online students via webinars where they too can have a way to voice their issues, concerns, ask questions about capstone projects, etc.


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