April and May Workshops

April and May Workshops

April Resume Skype Workshop 

Click the link above for the recording of our April Resume workshop!

May Vision Board Workshop

Thank you for everyone who participated in our Vision Board Workshop and A Great Big Thanks to our Board Members, Claudia and Lynn Ann who hosted it! Workshops will resume in the Fall of 2019.

Quick Start Guide for Using a Kitely Virtual Reality Island

Quick Start Guide for Using a Kitely Virtual Reality Island

  • 1. GET AVATAR: go to www.kitely.com and click Create Account or Sign In > complete the information, including reading the Terms of Agreement; gather your sign in information from the method chosen — NOTE: keep track of your avatar name and password; no one can reset this for you (note from GSC we recommend choosing a general avatar to begin with which can be changed later, however this will give you a starter avatar with will have underclothes – Child safe avatar. You will be able to customize and change your avatar later) — 1-min video
  • 2. GET VIEWER: go to www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/ > choose your operating system > choose one of the download options THAT HAS OPENSIM in the name > follow instructions to put it on your computer – 45-sec video ; the viewer is downloaded to your computer
  • 3. GO TO LOCATION DIRECTLY: to visit any Kitely island you: open the Firestorm viewer on your computer by clicking its icon > in the viewer window, type avatar first and last name > click the drop-down arrow for Grid, and select Kitely > type the name of the island to be visited (if you leave this blank you will go to the Kitely Welcome Center the first time) > click Login and within about 45 seconds you are brought to the island – 1 min video (Marian Island is often used the Graduate Student Collaborative Island name is SUNYESCGSC )
  • 4. Or, CHANGE TO A DIFFERENT ISLAND: if you want to get to a different island, once you are on a Kitely island, click on the Map icon on the bottom of the Kitely window > type name of desired island in the Find textbook > click Find > once the island appears, click Teleport – 1 min video (Hint if you type SUNY the name will populate when you search)
  • USE SPEECH AND TEXT: to have your avatar speak, you click-on the small-box in the top right of the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen (a check mark is added) and then you click on and off the larger microphone icon itself to speak (you click this icon off when you do not want to speak to prevent audio feedback within the virtual space); to use text, type in the text-entry, chat space on the bottom left > press Enter – 1 min video
  • ADJUST SPEECH, if necessary: if you do not see green waves come out of your avatar’s head when you try to speak, on the top menu, click Avatar > Preferences > Sound and Media > click the Voice tab in the middle top of the dialog box > testing the Audio Device Settings features until you select the right device > click OK – 1-min video ; You can test your audio on Kitely too as shown in this 2-min video
  • MOVE YOUR AVATAR: move avatar using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by using the Walk/ Run / Fly icon on screen bottom where you first select whether to walk, run or fly and then determine the direction; you can teleport too, which is not reviewed here – 1-min video
  • CHANGE YOUR AVATAR’S VIEW: hold Alt on the keyboard > cursor becomes a magnifying glass > click on a distance item & with Alt still held zoom in/out with mouse scroll wheel; and/or click Avatar (top menu) > click-on Camera controls > use camera wheel to change views – 1 min video
  • TAKE SNAPSHOT: click Snapshot icon on screen bottom > click Save on disk > browse to desired location > select image type > click OK – 1 min video – advanced features – 2 min video
  • SIT ON OBJECTS: right click on chairs and other object > select Sit Here – 0.5 min video
  • MORE DETAILS: for a more detailed guide that uses images and screen captures, click here and then click to open startup-basics-VR-Firestorm.docx towards the bottom of the screen.
  • MANY MORE OPTIONS: These guides only highlights the most salient of many features, from avatar customization to instant messaging, that are available. Experiment by reviewing the menus and testing the effect on your avatar, by going to the Kitely Welcome island and by learning within your course activities. However, for most classes, you are only going to be using the virtual-reality spaces as meeting spaces without using any of the many advanced features.
  • Quick Start Guide (O’Connor /Feb 2018 (Updated by Salie Davis for use with GSC)

Graduate Student Collaborative in Virtual Worlds

Introducing GSC to another group in Kitley


President Salie Davis and Vice President Wales Brown recently introduced the GSC to another group in the virtual world. Empire State college has many graduate students who are active in learning about emerging technologies for solutions in business and education. Current Students and past alumni are active resources and the virtual world is full of collaborative and support opportunities. You can network with fellow scholars in Kitely.com. The Island for GSC members and friends is called SUNY ESC GSC found in Kitely virtual worlds. https://youtu.be/vkBS35HgjBk