Executive Board

PRESIDENT: Salie Davis earned an associates degree in creative marketing, a bachelors degree in media communications and is currently in the Masters program for Teaching in Emerging Technologies at ESC. She works for a global company as an Operations Management Analysis and has served for one year as President of GSC.

VICE PRESIDENT: Wales Brown has been a member of the GSC for 3 years and served as the Vice-President for 2017-2018. He is interested in having Deliberative Discussions, increasing membership, contributing to the virtual world installation, and assuring the success of the Diversity Forum by increasing collaborative partners. Wales is graduating in June of 2018 and will be continuing to work on a Certificate in the Learning and Emerging Technologies Program at ESC as he waits to enter the proposed Doctoral program.

SECRETARY: Currently vacant

TREASURER: Lynn Ann Hinds McCoy, GSC Secretary 2017-2018 SUNY ESC Alumna ’16 B.S. in Business Management and Economics Currently entering the final semester in a Masters of Arts/ Adult Learning Program, Grad Dec 2018. Member GSC 1 year. 20 years experience in Nursing, 15 years Experience in Human Resources and Gov’t Contract Accounting. Would very much like to take on the GSC Treasurers Position for 2018-2019 as I feel it will be a vital component of our new agenda for the next year. I am also very anxious to spearhead efforts to find available grant/research projects for our student members, and continue growing this amazing organization we call the Graduate Student Collaborative.

MEMBERSHIP AND SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR: Jana Allmand-Zeman earned her Bachelor degree in Historical Studies in 2015 and earned her Master degree in Learning and Emerging Technologies in 2018.  She is currently working as a Training Representative, designing and delivering programs to train all levels of personnel.